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COURTS   OF   PARIS,   NAPLES,   ETC*                   37

de Chimay, who Is a devotee, complained to the
Queen (who never dines at her own table, but
always at Madame de Polignac's) that her chap-
lains, to whom the Queen's dinner is served, had
meat on Fridays, and so Her Majesty ordered
them to have only meagre fare*

gth. Dined at the Count d'Angevillers. His
wife (she was Madame de Marchais) is a bel esprit,
good-natured and agreeable* but fiatteuse OM dernier
degre* One seldom sees her face as she wears a
large hat and a veil.

14$. The Dukes de Chartres and Montpen-
sier5 Count de Beaujolois, Mademoiselle d'Orleans,
Madame de Sillery (Genlis), C6sar Ducrest, Pa-
mela,1 Henriette de Cercy, Mr. and Mrs. Eden
and their children, breakfasted, or rather dined,
with us-

17$. Spent the evening at Bellechasse with
Madame de Sillery, The Duke de Chartres is
very well educated and well mannered* but rather
formal and dressy. Beaujolois is a fine spirited
boy. Mademoiselle is petite, but pretty.

i.8th*   Dinner and ball at the Dorset's.

igth* I was presented to the Duchess de la
Valli&re, aged seventy-nine. She was a famous

l Pamela, afterwards married to Lord E. Fitzgerald.